bareboat yacht charter

The charter base is situated at the tip of the Tihany peninsular, the nicest place at Lake Balaton and one of the most famous places in Hungary. We hire out locally designed 25 ft. sailing yachts, so called Balaton 25.

Our partner in Balatonfüred, approx. 10km away, is providing Hanse 291 and Feeling 356 sailing yachts. He is located in the Kolaska Marina.

On the following sites you will find information about our charter fleet, sailing school, weather and sailing conditions at the lake.

Getting there

Most people drive from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic or even from Belgium. If you do not want to travel with your car there are the following possibilities to reach us.

Our charter yachts are located at the northern shore of Lake Balaton, at the tip of the peninsula Tihany Balaton 25 yachts) or in Balatonfüred, Koloska Marina (Hanse 291 and Feeling 356 yachts)

If you do not want to travel with your car there are the following possibilities to reach us.

Flying to Budapest Ferihegy Airport

The international airport Budapest Ferihegy, is not too large and generally pretty user friendly. From the airport, the best thing is to take a Minicab (actually a minibus). These charge a fixed fare between any two addresses in greater Budapest. You want to go to Déli Station, which should take about half an hour. There are reasonably frequent trains (check the timetable at from Budapest Déli to Balatonfüred at fares which are simply cheap (about 8- EUR - 2.000- Hungarian Forint). Journey times vary but three hours is a good average.

If you are exhausted at this point, Hungarian taxis are cheap, otherwise the bus station in Balatonfüred is a few yards from the railway station and there are regular buses to Tihany at even cheaper fares! The bus stops right in front of the holiday resort "Club Tihany", where the charter base is situated in.

Flying to Balaton Airport Sármellék

The former Soviet military airport (1960 - 1990) is located west of Lake Balaton near the village of Sármellék, also known as FlyBalaton airport. It has operated for public flights since 1991 and became the second international airport of the country.

There is no public train running from Sármellék, bus or shuttle bus is linking the airport to the nearest railway station (at Keszthely, 12Km away) and to local towns.

The easiest way to get to the charter base is to rent a car or take a shuttle taxi.

Arriving by train via Budapest

The clostest train station to our charter base is in Balatonfüred. Coming from abroad, most trains will arrive in of Budapest. There you may need to change stations (with public transport or taxi). The short distance (132 km) between Budapest and Balatonfüred takes often over 3 hours. But there are also faster trains.

From Balatonfüred, take the bus to Tihany and get off at the stop "Club Tihany". Ask the concierge at the club after Andreas and the sailing and surfing school.

To take a cab is defenitely the easiest and fastest way. A taxi costs approximately 15 to 20 EUR.Destination: "Club Tihany" Tell the taxi driver to go past the hotel, directly to the water sports building.

We are open until 18:00. Please call me before you arrive, so I can await you when you get there. +36/30/2278927 (for mobile phones) or 06/30/2278927 (for public telephones)

Here you can find the train timetable:

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